This Is How Tree Roots Can Clog Your Main Sewer Line

This Is How Tree Roots Can Clog Your Main Sewer Line

Trees and plants add curb appeal to our homes. Besides, they help in clearing out the toxins from the air that we breathe, offer cool shade to sit under, protect your house from strong winds and give your nearby terrestrial animals (birds & squirrel) home to live. But, sometimes they can also cause plumbing issues inside your home.

It should be understood that tree root is no such ordinary clog. When the roots continue to infiltrate your house’s sewer line, oftentimes the sign is a progressive slower drain until the plumbing pipe breaks. Therefore, it’s essential to spot the symptoms and thereby stop such a scenario from happening.

Tree Roots Always Seek Out Sources Of Water

Professional video pipe inspections in Houma states that mature trees generally have long, enormous, tangled roots that spread wide and far away from the source. Since roots always seek moisture, the roots tend to gravitate towards your home sewer lines, in search of water.

It should be perceived that tree roots don’t break up sewer lines until and unless there’s already a weak point in the system or maybe a small crack. Any crack or weak fitting will release water into the soil, thereby attracting the tree roots in the first place.

As the roots continue to absorb moisture, they find it inside the sewer lines, enlarging the weakened portions or cracks. It can be many years before tree root growth starts causing serious damage to your home sewer system. That’s why it’s vital to take care of the same beforehand.

Tree Roots Slow Down The Entire Drainage System

If your sewer system experiences any ordinary clog, then the system will still flow freely albeit with some minor problems. Only some areas of the sewer system will start facing issues, which other areas will remain unaffected.

On the other hand, if the tree roots have blocked or clogged your sewer lines, then the entire sewer system will be affected as a result. Every area of the sewer system will face similar issues and moments like these are when DIY drain cleaning solutions will not come to fruition. During such scenarios, you’ll need to hire professional plumbers to inspect and solve the slow sewer problem.

Repairs Can Prove To Be Costly

There can be times when the plumber will be able to solve any minor cases without must cost involved for the same. If the progression of the tree roots is less, then it’ll be easy to remove them.

However, if the tree root progression is much greater than you expected it to be, the plumber might need a more powerful tool to remove the roots while also repairing or replacing the pipe entirely. Ultimately, it can make the overall repair costs higher.

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