Tips For Buying Flowers On A Budget

Tips For Buying Flowers On A Budget

Flowers Need Not Be Over Expensive

A big bouquet of flowers ordered from a brick-and-mortar store, and their delivery, is likely going to cost a hundred dollars or more. However, you might be able to find the same arrangement online for significantly less. The key is searching around and buying in a discretionary way, rather than acquiring the first floral arrangement that moves you.

In order to help you more efficiently spend what budget you have for flowers, this writing will briefly cover three tactics you can explore to reduce costs associated with buying flowers.

  1. Stronger Flowers Purchased In Season, And Without Vases
    More “hardy” flowers that last longer don’t tend to be as expensive as certain delicate blooms. Delicacy requires more work and management. Think of it this way: would anyone spend money for the weed known as a “dandelion”? No! But you can make salads and wines from dandelions, making them not only a sort of flower, but food as well.

But nobody eats dandelions, and certainly, nobody picks them. They’re considered a weed—a pest. They’re one of the hardiest “flowers” that exist. Similarly, there are beautiful flowers that are easy to grow, and which aren’t as popular as a result. These tend to be cheaper. Marigolds, begonias, snapdragons—all are hardy flowers. Ironically, so also are pansies.

If you buy such flowers without a vase, that will cut a few dollars off of the price for the arrangement itself. Get your own vase. Alternatively, if you’re giving them away, then include a vase you already own in the gift. In all likelihood, you’ve got one or two vases you either no longer use, or never needed in the first place. So don’t spend money on a new one.

  1. Explore What’s Available In Online Floral Arrangements
    The best deals you can find on any flowers will likely be located on the internet. The thing is, sometimes when you get flowers from a website, the shipping realities of transit will impact associated blooms. Alternatively, you may have to wait longer than expected so the flowers get to you in “healthy” shape. And, sometimes, things may not arrive intact.

If you’re looking for flowers on a budget, follow the link for a guide on online flower purchases—you may be surprised at the kind of deals you can find. Also, you definitely want to inform your acquisition choices with known best practices in floral purchasing across the web.

Otherwise, you may well get a box of wilted buds on your doorstep. However, floral shippers know how to get plants to you in a healthy way. You’ve just got to buy from the right people.

  1. Flower Districts, Farmer’s Markets, End-Of-Day Florists
    Beyond hardy flowers, using your own vase, and buying online, there are some ways to maximize savings in town as well. Flower districts in your city will have a greater selection of flowers available. With more variety comes an increase in possible discounts owing to competition.

If you don’t have a flower district in your town, go to the farmer’s market when local sellers set up on the weekend. If there’s no flower district or farmer market, another tactic is finding florists at the end of the day. They’ve got inventory that’s getting more “ripe” than is salable, and such inventory is sold at a discount.

Especially if you’re buying flowers that aren’t intended to be a decorative centerpiece for several weeks, but rather a token of affection for one reason or another, end-of-day florist deals may be just the thing to look for. Just be sure you use this tactic in the right situation. For décor of an occasion that’s only a few days, this is a great move.

If you’re buying a bouquet for a significant other, though, you may be in hot water the following day should she come down the stairs to find the flowers you bought the night before have utterly wilted. Something like that is downright ominous!

Big Flowers On A Small Budget
Flower districts, farmers markets, end-of-day floral deals, online acquisition, hardy flowers, and using your own vase all represent fine ways of saving money when buying flowers. Outside perusing a garden and gathering up your own bouquet, these tips represent some of the cheapest ways to expediently acquire quality flowers.

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