Tips To Carefully Buy Second-Hand Honda 125cc

Tips To Carefully Buy Second-Hand Honda 125cc

The situation of COVID-19 across the world has affected the motorcycle market by shifting the trend towards used bikes in 2021. In order to avoid public transportation and maintain social distance with a willingness to spend less on something new, buyers prefer second-hand motorcycles that gave this industry a sudden rise.

And during this pandemic situation, if you are one of those looking for a used bike due to convenience and affordability, this blog is for you. Here, you will learn a few essential tips while buying a used motorcycle like Honda 125cc and know a few things you need to consider while choosing a suitable model for your rides.

How To Buy A Second-Hand Honda 125cc Carefully?

Buying a used motorbike is not as easy as buying a new one. You have to be extra careful and thoroughly go through these points:

  • Purpose Of Purchase– First of all, you need to know why you want to buy a bike? Is it for everyday use, or is it the second mode of transportation in your home, or do you want it for adventurous rides? Once you have an answer for this, it will narrow down the options to make the selection process smoother.
  • Choosing The Dealer– As there are various second-hand bike dealers in the market, you cannot rely on each one of them. You have to be extra careful while approaching them. Avoid contacting them without carrying out thorough research on them.
  • Inspect The Bike– As it is a used bike, inspection becomes a vital step in the process of purchase. So, be on time for the examination of the motorcycle. Make sure you do it during the daylight, as after the sunset, you might miss out on some default.
  • Get Second Opinion– When you go to examine a motorcycle, take someone experienced with you to get a second opinion on its condition. You can either take someone from your family or friends with appropriate knowledge or a bike mechanic to ensure that you are not at loss here.
  • Do Some Negotiation– It is better to start your hunt only after fixing the budget in your mind. It will help you to search for the bike without going overboard.

Also, during the inspection, look out for defaults carefully, as each defect will decrease the cost of the bike, and you will be able to get it within your pocket. 

  • Ask For The RC– Checking the Registration Certificate of your Honda 125cc is the most important thing. Do not buy the bike if the seller is not having it, as you can get stuck in legal matters in the future due to this. Also, get it transferred to your name asap.
  • See Bike Insurance Papers– You also have to check the insurance papers of the bike and discuss the process of transferring it to your name. With this, ask them to show you Pollution Under Control Certificate as well.
  • Ask For Servicing Receipts– You can also ask the seller to show you all the receipts for bike servicing. It will give you a fair idea about the condition of the vehicle and its life.
  • Take A Test Drive– Do not make the purchase without getting a test drive. Riding the bike once before buying it will tell you if you are making the right choice or not. It will help you clear all the doubts you have in your mind.

And once you have considered these tips, You will have a suitable bike in your garage to fulfill your needs. 

Things To Check During The Inspection Of The Used Motorcycle

Now, when you are out there to examine the bike, here is what you need to check:

  • Brakes– Check if the brakes are working smoothly, and ask for the age of the brake pad. Also, make sure that there is no pulsing.
  • Clutch– Using the clutch should be an effortless job, so do check it during the inspection, and if you feel some obstruction while using it, get it repaired.
  • Comfort– Ensuring that you are comfortable while riding your Honda 125cc is necessary, as the discomfort can cause distraction and back pain with time.
  • Fuel Tank– The next thing you need to look into is the fuel tank. Open the cap and see if there is rust or corrosion inside it. If it is there, ask the dealer to get it fixed or reduce the bike cost.
  • Tires– One of the most important things to check in a bike is its tires. There should be no sign of wearing and tearing. Also, they should offer you enough grip on different surfaces.
  • Battery– Check the performance and lifespan of the battery apart from examining all the lights and switches on the bike to ensure they are in good working condition.
  • Chains– Review the condition of chains and hear its sound to ensure that it is uniform. 
  • Oil Leakage– Go through all the necessary parts of the bike and make sure that there are no signs of oil leakage. 
  • Corrosion– Carefully check the body frame of the motorcycle for signs of rust. Though it is not an issue of concern, deep patches can indicate low maintenance of the vehicle.
  • Suspension– As you will look for scratches and bends in the leg, you will also look for the marks of oil leakage.
  • Scratches– Also, do not forget to check the scratches on the motorcycle’s body, as too many of them can make you get it painted.

To ensure that you don’t make any mistake in choosing the best Honda 125cc for your rides, go through these tips carefully. And do not forget to ask the dealer all the essential questions related to your bike. Moreover, be very careful in choosing your dealer, as some of them are frauds waiting to loot you.

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