TOP 5 most dangerous beaches in the world

TOP 5 most dangerous beaches in the world

Many luxurious beaches in the world attract people with incredible landscapes, soft sand, and clear water. These places seem attractive and safe. But in fact, this is not always the case! Many dangers can await travelers in the paradisiacal corners. Therefore, before choosing a resort to visit, check out our selection of the most dangerous beaches in the world.

We have compiled for you a rating of beaches where you can easily lose your life. Visiting these places will differ significantly from a relaxed trip to picturesque destinations on a rented convertible. By the way, in case you decide to make your journey less extreme and visit UAE, try to rent a car at In this rental service, you will be able to hire any vehicle to explore the most hidden and fascinating places. And now let’s read about the places visiting which can cause real trouble.

Beaches of Queensland and Tiwi Island, Queensland

Australia is famous for its picturesque beaches, but not all of them are safe. Despite the beautiful scenery and soft sand, treacherous sharks and poisonous cubomedusa are waiting for swimmers here. The sandy coastal strip of Queensland is also not safe for vacationers. Snakes and poisonous lizards are found here.

In seawater, it is easy not to notice the approaching danger. A meeting with a cubomedusa is especially undesirable at depth. It causes paralysis, so many people who encountered the jellyfish did not survive. Especially dangerous is the burn of cubomeduses for children. For them, any dose of poison can be fatal.

Fish Hook Beach, South Africa, Cape Town

The picturesque Fish Hook Beach is located in a small bay. It attracts the attention of vacationers with warmer water than on the rest of the coast. But as soon as the swimming season begins, the brutal attacks of white sharks resume.

Lovers of beach holidays on Fish Hook are very unlucky because near these shores there is the largest population of these marine predators, for which man has long been easy prey. In terms of the number of deaths from sharks, this beach is leading not only in Africa but also around the world.

Zipolite Beach, Mexico

Zipolite beach attracts tourists with its clean shores, picturesque landscapes, peace, and tranquility. To many, this place seems to be an ideal corner where you can retire, and take a break from the noisy city. But when you find out how many people die here every year, you will stop thinking like that. No wonder Zipolite is translated from the Zapotec dialect as “the shore of the dead”.

What kind of danger awaits bathers in the water? There are strong hidden currents in this place. They are not visible from the shore. But at the moment when they pick up a person and carry them into the ocean, even an experienced swimmer cannot resist them.

Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

Having seen the fabulous landscapes of this place, it’s hard to believe that resting here is dangerous for health. The serene peace and luxurious nature of Bikini Beach attract tourists, but none of them dare to come here.

Fewer people are staying here every year. The last surviving inhabitants of the island suffer from terrible diseases. Most of the population of the atoll died of cancer. Of the eight hundred residents, there are now less than a dozen left.

It’s all about radioactive radiation. This beautiful place has suffered at the hands of man. At the end of the XX century, the USA conducted 67 tests of hydrogen and atomic bombs here, which almost destroyed the island and caused irreparable damage to the environment.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA

This luxurious beach is a record holder for many negative indicators. A record number of collisions of water vehicles in a year has been recorded here. About 15-20 such cases are recorded annually.

Many residents of megacities tend to the beach shore to relax in nature, bask in the sun, ride jet skis and boats, and go swimming and surfing.

Due to the severe overcrowding of the beach, rescuers can not keep up with the order. This explains the numerous accidents on the water.

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