Top 5 Reasons to not to Drive your Car through Flood Water!

Top 5 Reasons to not to Drive your Car through Flood Water!

Flood is never predictable! And sudden roads filled with water can make your life difficult. Especially if you have to move out during an emergency on such roads. Whatever the reason maybe, we suggest you to not drive through the flood water at all. You are not only risking your life, but you are going to damage your vehicle largely as well. But today specifically we are talking about the damages that may appear in your vehicle if you drive through the flood water.

Ø  The damages of driving through floor water in your car!

Your vehicle and your life, both are precious. That is why it isn’t at all wise to risk both of them by driving through roads filled with water. And if you want to know the damages your car may face on these roads, just keep reading.

  1.       You can’t predict what’s beneath the water — The biggest danger you are facing when you’re driving your car through the flood water is that you don’t know what’s beneath the water. There may be land, there may be a big hole beneath the water, there may be uprooted trees or even dead animals. When you can’t predict what’s beneath the vehicle, obviously driving in such a situation will damage your vehicle somehow.
  1.       You and your car might get swept – You just can’t predict the flow of the waves coming in during the flood. It might be so strong that you along with your car can be swept away in it. This not only is dangerous for your vehicle, but also for your life.
  1.       It hydro locks your engine — Your engine requires constant fresh air for the combustion process of the fuel. If water enters the engine, the combustion process is halted and your engine gets hydro locked. This damage can affect your car massively. And sometimes you have no other option than to give your car for scrap in Auckland to Mega Car Collection. They will buy your entire damaged and dilapidated car and provide you cash in exchange for it. (Even if the vehicle is filled with water.)
  1.       It damages the electronic parts in the car — Your car has some electronic parts like the wirings, hose, music system, heater, and air conditioning system. So, when you are driving your car in a flooded area, it’s definitely going to damage your electronic parts and cause you a big-time damage.
  1.       It contaminates your fuel — The fuel in your car can easily get contaminated when you drive it in a flooded area. This can even cause major corrosion in your car and as it is. Because of water getting mixed with the fuel, the car may give you bigger issues than you can imagine.

We think these reasons are scary enough to stop you from driving your car in a flooded street at all costs. We suggest, hear these warning bells and never dare to do the same if you don’t want your car to end up with the car scrappers.

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