Treating Patients at Back Pain Clinic Using Various Therapies

Treating Patients at Back Pain Clinic Using Various Therapies

If you have not experienced any kind and severity of back pain then you should be thankful; because the patients who visit the Back Pain Clinic for back pains have suffered intensely.

What to Know About Chronic Back Pains?

Many people think that back pains only occur in the lower back area. But according to experts, back pain can be felt in the whole of the back and spinal cord.

What Statistics Tell About Back Pains?

When you look at the statistics related to back pain; you will notice that more than 80% of people will suffer from back pain in their lifetime.

What Is The Age Range Of This Pain?

Although children are also prone to be suffering from back pain; but the age range of having this condition is 30 years to 60 years.

Can Back Pain Cause Disability?

You don’t have to worry that all patients become disabled if they have pain in the back. If patients get the right treatments from a chronic pain clinic in Edmonton; then there is a great chance that people will be cured of their back pain.

When Does Back Pain Become Dangerous?

All kinds of back pains can be treated with the right treatment, but sometimes external and internal factors make back pains dangerous. The age of the patient, not exercising, various ailments, psychological factors, lifting heavy items in the wrong way, and smoking.

Do Back Pains Have Non-Biological Causes?

Non-organic causes of back pain is a relatively new term used. These are injuries and accidents of any sort. Also, a bad posture can cause back pain.

Why Do People feel Pain in the Back?

At the time when patients visit pain clinics like Regenerate Shockwave Therapy for their back pains; after the therapist has examined the condition the therapists tell you about the following causes of pain back.

  1. If the patients have lifted a heavyweight or their movements have been awkward; then they will feel strain in the muscles and the ligaments.
  2. The spinal disks are like cushions that keep each section of the spine separate from the other. If these are disturbed then you will feel extreme pain.
  3. This is a form of arthritis in which the protective cartilage wears down that makes the movement extremely difficult.
  4. Patients who have been suffering from weak bone structure since childhood then they are at a higher risk of having pain in the back.

Various Therapies at Back Pain Clinic

Although you will find several kinds of therapies and treatments at different medical facilities but the safest of all is the non-surgical ones.

Shockwave Therapy

The therapists use shockwave therapy to majorly focus on the main area of the pain. The other form of therapy is that it treats the whole part.

Laser Therapy

The light waves target the specific area of the pain. It heals the inflammation and speeds up the process of healing.

Spinal Decompression

The patients are laid on a table that is computer-operated. The main purpose of this table is that it stretches the spine to decrease the pressure.

Deep Oscillation Therapy

An applicator is used to relieve the pain from the back. Sometimes physical therapy is also added to increase the speed of recovery.

Spine and Peripheral Manipulation

This is a therapy in which the hands are used to gently massage the joints and muscles; to release the stiffness.

Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Another important therapy that Back Pain Clinic uses for their patients is Acupuncture and dry needling. So when you visit these clinics; make sure that you know all options.

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