Understanding the Consumer Behavior of Different Countries

Understanding the Consumer Behavior of Different Countries

For starting a business, it is very important to understand consumer behavior. It helps businesses to understand the demand for different products. Every consumer is unique and looks at every product from a different perspective. With the change of fashion, technology, disposable income, and living standards, consumer behavior also changes. Marketing managers must keep a check on evolving consumer behaviors so that they can align their marketing strategies accordingly. After understanding the consumer behavior and launching a product. The next step, you must do is translate your products into the language that consumers understand. For example, if you are launching your product in the Chinese market then to make consumers understand your product, you must go for Mandarin translation services.

Different Countries and Their Consumer Behavior

Each country has a different culture that shapes the consumer behavior of people. Let’s have a look at different countries and their consumer behavior.


Do you know that China is going through a consumption behavior revolution? What is this revolution? In the past, Chinese people gave preference to price when they want to buy any product but now, they consider many other things. They give importance to brand awareness so businesses give great importance to marketing through research and advertising techniques. Chinese people believe that price shows the quality of the product. Moreover, sales services are secondary to them. Other factors like reimbursement guarantees are of no use to them. The best part of Chinese consumers is that they inquire about the products deeply through word of mouth to make a rational buying decision. They are more inquisitive to know what is being offered by foreign companies. Here again, they will get to know about foreign products if foreign companies have taken the assistance of Mandarin translation services.


Finland is considered a consumer-based society. One of the main factors in their purchasing decision is quality. Moreover, the other factors are the origin of the product, the brand image, and security. According to them, the quality of the product is high if the product abides the European standards. Moreover, they love to buy products from different places. For quick purchases, they love to shop on the internet. That’s where companies need Finnish translation services. The popularity of shopping centers is also at its peak in Finland. Approximately, 387 million visitors visit a shopping mall in a year. Prices of products in Finland are higher than in the rest of Europe. The COVID-19 pandemic has decreased the confidence of Finland consumers. Therefore, they start going online shopping. Approximately, 7 to 10% of shopping is done by retailers. The Finnish consumers are tech-savvy so they love to purchase a tablet, computer, and cell phone. On different e-commerce sites, they look for the products and compare them with each other. Although Finns prefer domestic products, international brands also have a considerable share in the Finland market. People opt to buy foreign products if they are targeting a niche. If you want Finns to get aware of your products and services then you must go for Finnish translation services.


To your surprise, Indian consumer behavior is influenced by the caste system. There is a great social difference between the social standard of the people but in the same social status, they have a strong bond. It is very easy to advertise in India but people opt to buy products through the recommendations of their parents and word of mouth. They give importance to brands not because they are giving added value but they focus more on brand reputation. Companies that want to tap into the Indian market must have to make great efforts for market penetration. Digitalization is increasing the demand for streaming in India. Therefore, India is witnessing tremendous e-commerce growth. With the increased growth of e-commerce, the demand for Hindi translation services is also increasing. Do you know that India has the second-largest internet population? Therefore, global companies are taking leverage of digitalization and investing in India. People living in villages are not prone to e-commerce but in big cities, programs like Amazon are connecting the people to e-commerce. To attract the populous and lucrative market of India, you must go for Hindi translation services.

Wrapping Up

By understanding consumer behavior and using their native language, you can effectively communicate with potential customers and generate desired results.

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