What Are the Different Types of Heart Disease That Exists Today?

Did you know that over 30 million adults in the United States suffer from some form of heart disease? Although you probably think of blocked arteries when you think of heart disease, this is actually a broad term for several different types of heart disease that can cause your body major issues.

What should you look for to make sure that your heart remains in optimal health and you focus on your health and wellness regimen? Here are some of the most common types of heart diseases, and how you can get them taken care of today.

Blocked Arteries

Clogged arteries occur when buildup of plaque in your arteries restricts or cuts off blood flow completely. This plaque is most often made of high cholesterol, which is why it is important to watch what you eat.

You may be able to get away with having a restricted artery or two, but if there are blocked arteries, you will likely need open-heart surgery for optimal health.

Structural Abnormalities

Unlike most other heart diseases, sometimes you may have issues with the structure and anatomy of your heart. Most of the time, these are completely genetic and present when you are born. They can also develop through infection.

Some of the most common areas of the heart that get defects include the valves, the blood vessels, and the walls of the heart. If you have a condition that causes these problems, you may need lifelong care or a heart transplant in the future.

Heart Rhythm Issues

Commonly known as a heart arrhythmia, this is one of the main heart problems present in the healthcare industry. An arrhythmia can cause your heart to beat too slowly or too quickly.

When you have heart rhythm problems, it can majority impact your health and fitness. Irregular heartbeats may restrict blood flow to your heart, causing more issues down the road.

Heart Attack

One of the biggest problems you can have with your heart is heart failure. This often comes in the form of a heart attack, which is a traumatic event where blood clots cut off blood flow to the heart. This can cause your heart to stop working and will lead to death if not treated.

The biggest causes of a heart attack are one or more blocked arteries. After you have a heart attack, you may need a serious operation like open-heart surgery. Check to see if you qualify for heart failure disability benefits.

Learn All About Types of Heart Disease

If you or a loved one has issues with your heart, you should not have to worry about what is wrong with your ticker. With this guide to types of heart disease, you can learn what issues to watch out for and how you can prevent them, if possible.

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