Why You Should Pack a Nutritional Shake for Your Next Vacation

Why You Should Pack a Nutritional Shake for Your Next Vacation

When you go on vacation, do you usually end up putting on some extra weight? Or perhaps you wake up looking puffy and feeling less than vibrant? Changes in your diet and climate can affect how you look and feel. To help support your overall health while you are away, try packing a nutritional shake in your travel bag.

How to Enjoy a Nutritional Shake on a Road Trip

Road trips can be exciting, but they are definitely not known for their healthy food options. Being on the road can lead to many stops at convenience stores or fast food joints to get some quick, cheap fuel for your body. Fortunately, you do not have to give up healthy eating or your vacation budget to eat well on the road.

Enjoying a healthful nutritional shake can be easier on your budget than low-quality convenience foods and requires just a small amount of preparation before you head out on your adventure.

  • Pack a shaker bottle in your travel bag. These are great when you are on the go and do not have access to a blender.
  • Water will be the easiest mixer option when you are on the road since it does not require cold storage. You could also use shelf-stable milk alternatives like almond milk. These are usually sold in smaller containers than the refrigerated versions which make them better for travel.
  • Packing individual packets of a nutritional shakewill be the most convenient for road trips. They are already measured out into single serving sizes, making them quicker and less messy.

Once you have your shaker bottle, water or milk, and your nutritional shake packets in your travel bag, you are ready to make your meal replacement shake at a moment’s notice. Do you prefer your shake cold? Just grab some ice from a convenience store when you make a pitstop for gas.

Can You Bring a Nutritional Shake Powder on an Airplane?

You may be concerned about restrictions on what you can bring in your bags when traveling by plane. Thankfully, the TSA has a specific section on protein powders so you will know exactly what is permitted and you can pack your beloved nutritional shake without worry. Here is a quick rundown on the TSA policy regarding protein powders:

  • You can pack protein powder in your carry-on and checked bags.
  • Protein powder in quantities of 12 oz or less can be packed in your carry-on bag.
  • Protein powder in excess of 12 oz will require additional screening and needs to be put in a separate bin, so it is recommended to pack it in your checked bag.

For ease of plane travel, packing a nutritional shake that comes in individual packets will be your best bet. That gives you the flexibility to pack a few in your carry-on while placing the rest in your checked bag.

Bring your empty shaker bottle in your carry-on bag along with a bottle of water, if allowed on your selected airline, and you can make yourself a quick, nutritious nutritional shake right in your seat. No need to settle for high-sodium plane food that may leave you feeling even more dehydrated than the cabin air. If you are not allowed to bring water on the plane with you, you can simply ask your flight attendant for water to use for your nutritional shake.

USANA Nutrimeal

The USANA Nutrimeal 28-Day Variety Pack can make sticking to a healthy diet while on vacation a bit easier. You can avoid cheap, convenience foods with low nutritional value on your road trips. USANA Nutrimeal’s individual packets weigh in at just over two ounces, so you can easily fit five packets into your carry-on bag without going over the twelve ounces that will require extra TSA screening, making them a breeze to bring on your faraway travels.

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