4 Diabetes Lifestyle Tips to Improve Your Quality of Life

Hearing that you are diagnosed with diabetes is enough for many to feel like they are destined to a life of health complications. While this challenging condition is something that many struggle with (over 1 in 10 Americans in fact), the good news is that it can be brought under some control.

It has been proven that making changes to one’s lifestyle can greatly take the edge off many of the common symptoms. In some cases steps have been so effective that some have reversed the effects of type 2 diabetes!

So what are the best ways to improve your diabetes lifestyle? Read on to find out 4 of them.

  1. You Are What You Eat

The quickest way to bring about a positive change to our health is through changing our eating habits. Living with diabetes is hard, but it is made much harder if we do not avoid things that have a direct effect on our blood sugar levels.

So what should we be chowing down on for our new diabetes lifestyle?

Take an active interest and read the back of the things you buy to make sure that they are not full of additives and sugars. Replace them with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains which will work to not only give you all the nutrients that you need but also improve your overall health.

  1. Keep Moving

While it may be hard to change old habits, one that you should make a non-negotiable is trying to exercise. Other than the many health benefits, compared to other lifestyle fixes it is one that will make you feel great once you get started. And who wouldn’t like to feel better instantly!

If you don’t have the habit already of exercising then don’t set the bar too high. Just walking vigorously for 30 mins a day is enough to get started. Even if you are suffering from swollen feet there are the possibilities of diabetic shoes for men and women that can help you along your way.

Exercise is capable of dropping your blood sugar and is key to preventing other life-threatening conditions, so make it a priority today!

  1. Put It Out

Diabetes and smoking are a dangerous combination, so if you haven’t been able to kick the habit before, try to give it another try ASAP.

The biggest danger to people living with diabetes is the fact that smoking greatly increases the chances of developing other conditions. There are clear links to heart disease, retinopathy, and slowing down blood flow greatly which could lead to amputations and more.

It’s clear then that living a brand new healthy diabetes lifestyle wouldn’t be complete without cutting out smoking.

  1. Stay up to Date

Working hand in hand with your healthcare provider is another key aspect of improving your diabetes lifestyle.

Whether it be type 1 or type 2 diabetes, regularly monitoring your blood sugar levels among other things are responsibilities to take seriously and not only for your doctor.

Diabetes patients should have an in-depth check-up at least twice a year, including an A1C test. A cholesterol test, dental exam, an eye exam are all musts for your calendar at least once a year too. Have you made space in yours?

Improve Your Diabetes Lifestyle Today

Living with a condition doesn’t mean it has to define you. Whether you it is type 1 or type 2 diabetes we hope your challenges can be improved by adopting our suggestions for a healthy diabetes lifestyle.

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