8 things to avoid and things you should know

8 things to avoid and things you should know

The best way to travel in Abu Dhabi is considered by renting a car because it saves time and cost of traveling. Dubai is also a city best explored when you are on wheels, especially when you can drive and stop on your will. But we need to consider things before choosing a car and what type of car we should select. We will discuss the things you should know and the things which you should not do while you go for car rental Abu Dhabi. We will discuss the things you should know and the things which you should not do while car rental in Abu Dhabi.

Take a look at your need.

  • take a look at the luggage you will be carrying and how much luggage it can handle
  • A proper GPS can save you’re a lot of time. Most of the cars already have this. Be sure to have a working system.
  • If you have to travel between cities, cruise control will be a life savior.

Which type of car fits your need?

  • If you want to spend your time in the city or explore the city life of Dubai, the nature of your work demands you to move around in the city. You can get an economy car. And yes it is possible to have that kind of car for rent, for example, Toyotas. price (55 $ to 70$) each day
  • If going to the desert of Abu Dhabi is on your list, you should have 4 by 4 .price (75 $ to 95$) each day.
  • A medium car is suitable for the family. price (55$ to 195$) each day
  • After you have identified your need here are things you should keep in mind

Required documents and conditions

To get a car from rental companies, you should need the following documents. You are supposed to provide a copy of your passport, visa, and copy of driving license of your home country. If you are local, you have to provide a copy of your ID.

Every car rental company has its terms and conditions. You have to be 18 years old to get a car.  For some companies, the age limit is 25. You should read this document very carefully to understand    your limits while using the car.

Down payment

You have to submit an amount before getting a car. It is decided between company and individual usually it depends on which type of car you are using and how much time. The company takes it as security if there is a delay of any kind or fine.

Insurance services

When you are getting the car on rent, there are some insurance policies. It is something that you should not ignore. The law for car rental in Abu Dhabi provides their customers with a third party that only gives this service. You can also select additional insurance policies from them by paying extra charges. They give their best to cover you up if something bad happens. One of the best advantages is that you don’t have to deal with police or authorities to claim the insurance they will do it by themselves.

Salik or toll tax

Abu Dhabi has an electronic toll system. It is a tag on your car’s screen. Every time you pass through a toll, an amount of approximately 1.05$ will be charged, and it will be added to your car’s rent. You don’t have to be surprised by it because we are using the well-organized structure of roads and it is necessary to cover the repair expenses.

Also, keep in mind that there is no fixed salik, so you will be charged by how many times you pass through toll.

Over speeding fine

Keep a check on your car meter and try not to over speed you will be charged by per km/h, for example. If you are going 15 to 20 km/h above the speed limit, you will be fined around 75$ (but this is not an accurate figure)

And avoid cell phone while driving until or unless you are using Bluetooth can cost you 240$(not exact figure)

Always stay within the UAE border

It is illegal to take a rented car outside the premises of the UAE. But companies provide recommendations if you want to go beyond the border.

Returning car with a full tank of gas

Generally, in the contract, the customer has to return the car with a full tank. You can also pay in advance for it, but filling up the car’s tank when you hand over the keys is preferred.

Test drive before taking the car

You should thoroughly inspect the vehicle for any damage or scratches, so returning the car is not considered your mistake. In this way, you can avoid extra charges. I will also recommend you to take a test drive to know if the car is working fine.


We have discussed all the points which are necessary to know and before renting a car. Anybody who will keep these points in mind can get his desired car on rent and can save a lot of time.

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