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The Indian scooter market has been booming despite pandemics in the past two years. Scooty models specifically have become the most popular choices for both youngsters and middle-aged riders. For the simple fact that these are regular-use vehicles and sit easily on the pockets, the latest scooty models are now being designed with numerous options and specifications. Due to this fact, it often becomes tough to choose the best among the lot for which buyers have access to many Scooty comparison tool that facilitates this task. 

As per the reports released by the Financial Express, the sale has dropped in FY 2019-20 as compared to FY 2019-20 due to pandemic but still, the drop is very marginal. One of the instances is Honda Activa sale in 2020 was 25,91,059 as compared to 30,08,334 units in 2019. Likewise, TVS Jupiter’s sales record was 5,95,545 units as compared to 7,88,417 units in 2019. A similar sale graph has been noticed for Suzuki Access 125 which was sold in 5,70,898 units in 2020 as compared to 5,39,123 units in 2019.

How does scooty comparison-online help in making a buying decision?

Owing to the increased demand for scooty in India, these are made available to the buyers via various mediums. Once a buyer is through with scooty compare process, it becomes important to know the viable channels of purchase.

These scooters can now be bought in both online as well as offline modes. Some of the mediums are classified ads, dealers networks, showrooms, or online. The online medium of buying a scooter is however the most prevalent in today’s times for the convenience and wide access to multiple dealers and buyers online.

Things to Consider while Buying a New Scooty in 2021 

Scooty choices are plenty in the market. There are many factors that can help the buyer in isolating the most ideal choice from the lot. While these Scooty modes are designed in varying shiny and matte versions. There is more than its appearance that as a buyer you need to look for before fixing a purchase.

These features also top the list when you compare your choices on any Scooty comparison tool since these hold utmost importance to assure that the investment is sound and worthy. 

Type of Scooty:

Picking light-weight, low-powered 110cc Scooty models are advised for those who are new on two wheels. 

Engine capacity:

It is important to know the impact a specific engine can have on the overall riding performance. A low-capacity engine is always assured to deliver greater mileage but may lack the kick in drive, whereas larger engine capacity will deliver great performance but will be short on the mileage. 


This aspect cannot go ignored while comparing Scooty models online. Usually, the cost of new Scooty models ranges between Rs 40,000 – Rs 50,000. But, it is also important to check the on-road price which is generally higher than the ex-showroom price. 


Along with the price, make sure than you compare all the models offered by the topmost two wheeler manufacturers in India namely Suzuki, Honda, TVS, Hero and Mahindra. Talking of Scooty, Honda and TVS rank the best owing to their two-wheelers reselling at a higher price. 


A good pick in the Scooty offered a mileage of 35 to 40 kms per litre. Always make certain that highway mileage is considered differently than the city traffic and small roads.

Auto Start:

As a female rider, kick-starting is not an ideal option so auto start and battery durability become important factors to make a choice.


Female drivers must always consider this before buying a Scooty since a low weight option is always most suited to them to ride comfortably.


Since latest models come with a lot of mindfulness about crating space for helmet storage, this is again an important aspect to consider while buying a new scooty model. 


Always check for the height of an automobile in tandem with a rider’s height. An unsuitable pick becomes uncomfortable for a rider in the long run.

Service Centre:

It is advised to see that the location of the scooty service center is nearby for ease of repair and service. 


For buying a new Scooty, checking out all the above-mentioned pointers play a vital role in making an informed decision. 

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