Current Car Trends

Current Car Trends

The automobile industry is one of the world’s largest and most prominent markets. During the last decade, it has remained stable. Yet, with rapid technological developments, incumbents adapted to all kinds of challenges.

As a result, new trends and car features have sprung up from nowhere.

Do you want to keep up with the car trends shaping the auto industry in 2022? Read on to know all about the current trends in the automotive industry.

Electric Vehicles

Fortune reveals that the highest number of EVs manufactured and sold up to date is in Europe. That’s about twice as many as those found driving on American roads.

EV sales may have been sluggish in America, but forecasts show that they will begin to pick up this year. They’re also rising in popularity in China, with statistics about to hit the roof.

Electric vehicles offer many environmental benefits. Plus, nothing beats the smooth driving experience these trendy cars flaunt.

Autonomous Vehicles

If we’re talking about 2022 car trends, Avs are it. These self-driving vehicles are on the verge of revolutionizing daily transportation. They’re cutting the need for human drivers.

These AVs expand the scope of last-mile deliveries and reduce downtime. They make public transportation safer, minimizing accidents caused by driver fatigue or negligence. They use AI-enhanced computer vision in identifying obstacles on the road.

Vehicle Connectivity

These 2022 car features include connectivity. Vehicles now have a tamper-proof digital identifier. It distinguishes them from the rest of the network.

With this feature, tracking vehicle data for various applications will be easy. It includes insurance, driver safety, predictive maintenance, and fleet management. This data sharing benefits not only the customer but the entire mobility ecosystem.

Scaleups and startups developed these vehicle connectivity solutions.

Shared Mobility

Connected vehicles show how shared mobility is an alternative to traditional vehicle ownership. It makes mobility-as-a-service possible. They also discourage the use of unutilized automobiles.

These trends in cars address a city’s or a company’s needs without adding more vehicles. Thus, they lower fleet wait times and pollution from gasoline or diesel vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence

The automotive industry is now using robotic automation. It includes artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning and computer applications.

These help self-driving cars navigate the road, manage fleets, and assist drivers. They also improve services like vehicle inspection and insurance. AI also has uses in the automobile industry, where it helps to speed up production and cut costs.


If you didn’t know already, automotive cybersecurity is a thing. It refers to the safeguarding of a vehicle’s digital systems. They prevent hackers from stealing information, manipulating vehicles, or causing physical harm.

Newer cars will have even more advanced cybersecurity systems in 2022. If security features are crucial to you, do your research before purchasing a new vehicle. You can also check out these sick Ferrari rentals.

Follow These Car Trends Today

As technology advances, expect these trends to dominate the automotive industry. Hybrids, robotics, and automotive sensor technology will alter everything we know today.

If you want to know more about car trends and news, check out the rest of our blogs.

Charlotte Joy