Lack of Sleep leads to Obesity

Lack of Sleep leads to Obesity

Sleep is very important for health. It restores energy and repairs cells and tissues. When sleep is not complete, a person becomes irritable, There is a lack of concentration and fatigue.

What is sleep?

Sleep is a regular interval of 24 hours  when we are unaware of our environment and do not realize it. There are two major types of sleep.

Fast eye movement sleep: It happens many times during the night and that’s about a fifth of our sleep duration. Our brains are very busy during REM sleep and the muscles relax completely. Our eyes move rapidly from right to left and we dream.

Sleep without rapid eye movement: The mind is calm, but there may be some movement in the body. Circulation involves hormones or glandular secretions and our body repairs itself after a day of defeat.

The transition from REM to non-REM sleep occurs approximately five times during the night and more dreams are seen near morning. Short awakening breaks are also common on a typical night. They last for one or two hours every two hours, of which we are usually unaware. Only then, are they more likely to be remembered When we are worried or there is another incident like noise outside or someone sleeping in the room is snoring.

Lack of sleep leads to obesity

Lack of sleep also leads to obesity, according to scientific research. People who sleep less have an increased appetite. Inadequate sleep reduces the amount of a hormone called leptin in the body and increases the amount of a hormone called ghrelin which  increase the body’s need for food. They also play an important role in weight gain. Therefore, lack of sleep leads to obesity.

Need to sleep or go to the gym?

This is stated in a modern medical study People who want to lose weight should get up early in the morning and get some sleep instead of going to the gym for exercise ,this is because getting enough sleep is more important than going to the gym. Doctors believe in this research study achieving good sleep for the required duration is very important for weight loss. According to doctors, sleep duration should not conflict with exercise. Many people wake up before going to work and go to the gym for exercise. Getting enough sleep is also important for achieving physical fitness goals.

According to medical research, every person should get seven to eight hours of sleep daily So that the system of hormones responsible for controlling the feeling of hunger and thirst remains correct. Scientists say that one night’s sleep deprivation can increase a person’s appetite by up to 45%. That’s why people who sleep less than 8 hours have higher levels of fats in their body. In addition, getting enough sleep is good for the brain and heart. It helps in strengthening the human immune system and bringing happiness in his life.

Disadvantages of obesity

It is very important for any human being to get rid of obesity, enlarged abdomen and excess body fat. Getting rid of excess fat on the abdomen and body is not necessary just because they make you look ugly and cause you to lose confidence they are also harmful to your health. Excess body fat increases the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia and liver disease. According to a 2004 report by Diabetes Care, excess belly fat is closely linked to type 2 diabetes. A report published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice in 2008 also clarifies the link between obesity and type 2 diabetes. In addition, the Diabetes Care report published in 2016 also identified excess belly fat and obesity as the cause of heart disease and kidney disease. According to a 2014 report published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Excess fat around the abdomen causes the blood pressure to rise more than the rest of the body fat. It not only causes heart disease but also sleep disorders, dementia, Alzheimer’s and brain damage. So it is very important to control excess belly fat.

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