Why is it important to sleep every afternoon?

Why is it important to sleep every afternoon?

Medical experts say  that It is very important to sleep every afternoon  to lower blood pressure, sleeping for a while in the afternoon keeps blood pressure normal and reduces the risk of a heart attack.

 According to media reports, this has come to light in the investigation that daily in the afternoon sleep for an hour or more over time also helps reduce the use of medications to lower blood pressure.

From Greek experts  according to research done taking a nap in the afternoon lowers blood pressure as a result, the need for blood pressure medications is not high.

Experts say that sleeping in the afternoon reduces blood pressure readings by up to 4%.

Although apparently this, according to researchers the reduction does not seem to be much, but a slight decrease in blood pressure levels Reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases such as heart attack and stroke by up to 10%.

This is also stated in the research people who are accustomed to taking naps to suffer less damage to blood vessels and heart as a result of high blood pressure.

Research has shown that taking a nap as well as getting a good night’s sleep is medically beneficial.

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