Where You Can Find Group Therapies

Where You Can Find Group Therapies

Have you thought about participating in group therapy? Are you searching for group therapy sessions near you? Group therapy can help you heal from past trauma and enhance your wellbeing.

1 in 20 adults in the US experiences serious mental illness each year. Group therapy can be effective in the treatment of substance abuse and psychological disorders. The benefits of group therapy can be vast as part of a treatment plan.

Are you interested in group therapy activities? Read on to learn more about the best therapy sessions and where to find them.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy involves a group of people receiving psychotherapy at the same time. The group will receive treatment from one or more therapists in a variety of settings. Group therapy can take place in the hospital, private practice, or a community center.

Group therapy can be a sole method of treatment. Patients usually take part in group therapy as part of a treatment plan that also includes individual therapy.

Types of Group Therapy

To find the right group therapy to suit you, you’ll need to learn about the different types of sessions available. There are several types of groups to choose from that all have a similar purpose in common – to help members make changes in their lives. Here are the three main group types you may wish to explore.

Counseling Groups

A counseling group can be 6-8 participants who meet with one or more therapists to talk about their problems. Members will take turns to listen to each other’s thoughts and provide feedback and support.

Participants develop a sense of trust with one another so they can share with the group. Members help each other through talk therapy and other group therapy activities.

This therapy is best suited to high-functioning patients who are seeking personal development.

Psychotherapy Groups

Psychotherapy groups are like counseling groups. The therapist acts as a facilitator for the members to share their thoughts and feelings. The work that is done in these groups will be deeper than in a counseling group. Members may experience more complex issues such as depression, eating disorders, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

These types of groups will provide support for members who experience similar issues.

Psychoeducational Group

Psychoeducational groups educate members on addiction, substance abuse, and the related consequences. These sessions include group therapy topics such as stress management and assertiveness training.

The therapist will act as a facilitator to help patients develop healthy coping mechanisms for a variety of issues.

How Do I Find Group Therapy Near Me?

You can find some workshops and group therapy sessions by asking a mental health professional or primary care physician. They can direct you to local support groups in your area. There are various websites that can provide details for group sessions in your area.

Start Your Group Therapy Journey

There is a wide variety of group therapy available for patients with different needs. Make sure that you explore a group’s structure, process, and mission before attending. This way you can be sure they are the right group for you.

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